Accommodation in Bournemouth

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Bournemouth-gardens-and-hotelIf you included Bournemouth in the list of places you’ll visit for vacation or simply for relaxation, you’ll never run out of choices for accommodation. There is somewhere to stay depending on what you want to do in this wonderful place according to preference and budget.

Some popular accommodations are caravan and camping, self-catering, high quality hotels and bed and breakfast. All of these caters your needs and do business to impress you.

Bournemouth is about 90 miles from London. It is becoming popular to vacationers due to its wonderful coastline and warm climate. It is definitely a great place to stay for vacation or holidays since the place has it all – restaurants, great accommodation, buzzing nightlife, local attractions, activities and various events all year long. It’s pretty easy to get to where you wanted to go since the place has great links to motorway and public transportation. They also have their own airport.

For plans to stay by the sea there are many cheap hotels in Bournemouth in such location. With this, you could enjoy the natural captivating view of the ocean and could have fun with various water activities. Since the place had been visited by lots of tourists for many years already, the hotel where you plan to stay could point out some great places to visit.

It would certainly be great to explore this place since it has rich history, heritage and a lot of scenic places. Some of the festivals that you should not miss here are Bournemouth Wheels Festival in May, Bournemouth Air Festival in August and Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival in October.

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Explore the Wonders of Nature at Nelson Bay

Nelson Bay is a popular town in Port Stephens at New South Wales and a great place to enjoy lots of aquatic activities. Its great array of accommodation and dining makes it a great place to stay. The whole family would certainly enjoy the famous and calm beaches which are abundant in the area.

Those who wanted more action could go for beaches where there are booming waves. All water activities that you could think of are available here. Most of the people who visit Nelson Bay spend a lot of time on its beautiful beaches like the Little Beach and Dutchman’s Beach.

You should not miss snorkeling and diving at any of the wonderful beaches in the town. And if you are looking forward for a great whale watching experience, it’s best to go here during whale watching season. You and your kids would certainly appreciate the many types of dolphins and whales in the bay.

After enjoying the beach, there are other tourist attractions to consider like Hawkes Nest, Hunter Valley Wine district and Raymond Terrace.  The Nelson Head Heritage Lighthouse and Reserve and Native Flora Garden are also a must visit attractions.

Barcelona, Spain: A Fabulous Place for Vacation

nelson bay hotelsConsidered as the most economically active city in Spain, Barcelona continues to grow as an excellent place for vacation.  It is located at the Mediterranean Sea in the Spanish Coast. The place had undergone lots of improvements in their tourism industry for the past years and there is no sign of stopping them from competing internationally. Locals in Barcelona are often commended by tourist for being lively making the city active as well.

Even though the place is catching up with modern times, it still has preserved its old history and this is shown on various monuments during the Gothic, Romanesque and Renaissance period.

There are a lot of people who visit this city for sightseeing. These are the places which should be in your list – Barrio Gotico, Las Ramblas, El Puerto, El Ensanche, mountain of Montjuic and Tibidabo. There are still a lot of places to go in the city but these should be on your top priority.

The place is also rich with festivals which is a good time for your visit since it’s there are a lot of fun things to do during these events. On the month of March, there is San Medir that comes with choirs in the streets and big processions. The festival of Sant Jordi is celebrated on April and in May there is Jocs Florals and the festival of Sant Ponc. In August, the festival of Gracia is welcomed with lots of wonderful flower decorations on the street. Fiesta de la Merce in September and more celebration in December, this just shows that all year long, there is something to enjoy at this magnificent place.